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From start to finish, the process has been easy to navigate and extremely helpful for low income folks trying to go the Pro Se route. The attorney they sent me to was extremely helpful, approachable, down to earth, honest, knowledgeable, and completely willing to assist me. [My attorney] has been a dream come true and I would’ve been lost without his counsel. This program has been invaluable to me and what I needed, and the multiple options for scheduled fees provided me ample flexibility to decide the best route to go.

Oh my goodness ....I don’t know where to start. This program ... saved my life. The assistance I received made a HUGE difference in my ability to help my grandchildren and also to help me in overwhelming circumstances.

The program was VERY helpful. i don't know what I would've done without it. They are so knowledgable and patient. Im not computer savvy- they helped me file initial response. ... Thanks so much for providing this service.


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